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Producer Training

If you are considering implementing the Food Safe Farm Practices Program, or simply looking for some additional information, the next step is to participate on the Producer Training.  The training outlines the use of the Producer Manual and how to implement the program on your farm.  While the Food Safe Farm Practices Producer Manual provides the good production practices used to reduce the risk of a food safety hazard, the way those practices are used in the unique management practices of your farm may differ from that of your neighbours farm.  The training goes into the detail of the specific good production practices and record keeping required for the program and explains in more detail how some of the practices are used.  The training is required before you can request an audit for certification and may also be required for provincial funding for on-farm food safety.

There are currently three ways to participate in Producer Training:
  1. In-Person Producer Training Sessions
    Please see the bottom of this page for any upcoming training sessions or contact your provincial sheep association to express interest in an in-person training session.
  2. Online Training
    The link for the online training is provided above.  In order to access the online training, you must first register, upon which you will be given access to the password protected online training.  The online training contains 6 modules that must be reviewed, followed by a brief quiz.  There is also a seventh module recommended specifically for dairy production, but is not mandatory for completion of the training.
  3. Mail-out Training
    Should you be unable to complete either of the above two options, there is a possibility to have materials for training mailed to you.  However, the in-person or online training are recommended.